Continuation of my previous precautionary notes – October 2021




All my precautionary notes are applicable independent of any specific location, Country or address, also independent of Given/First name, Family/Last name or complete name or any other combination of my name “KHALID MAHMOOD” خالدمحمود

This a reminder to my previous declarations that I have no blood relatives or legal family members such as brothers, parents, sisters etc. any where in Canada because they were not part (not included in) of my independent ND2 immigration application. My female spouse divorced me more than 15 years ago outside Canada which resulted in separation from not only from her but also from my three children without regular contacts etc. since than. So if any one propagates or claims otherwise must not be trusted, must be a hoax and negative propaganda machinery (compulsive liars) using political tactics on a ordinary citizens (typical character assasination techniques used against capable opponents by saying meaning less stuff, when alanysed).

Published by the undersigned:


خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا



2-671 Fennell Ave. East,

(Door#: 2 with curtain on the upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V 1V3 Canada

(correct postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V1V3, it is NOT 3J3).

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May – 4.5 years – in October 2021 – I was trapped to rent in such building, I did not ask for this address.)

A suggestion to the technical and Engineering Colleges/Universities to include some courses in tbeir programme to prepare graduate students to learn to survive the shock and stress of govt. provided social assisstance due to unemployment and unknown reasons, which I was never/not taught.

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