Use of Police force to take my room key

Hello World,




At the end of the Victoria day when I got back to my place, unexpected headache,

Lamis Ahmed (rent receiver) was in Vince room and her agent in the room next to washroom, called the police at around 1:00 AM and told lies and made up stories to take my room and told me to leave without proper notice. police officer Haley badge # 9514 supported both of them and tole me to leave did not cooperate with me. Other office followed me on the Kalar road took the Key with out a receipt.

So every one out there please beware that this is same of what was done to me at

Courtside Inn in April/May 2015.

IMPOSTORS may be sleeping in my room pretending to be me. So be careful and watch for IMPOSTORS.

Citizens of Niagara Falls and City Officials Please HELP in this situation.

Ph: (289)990-6590

Currently at the following address for the past 4 years.

2-671 Fennell Ave. East (Door 2 with curtain on upper floor)

Hamilton, ON L8V1V3 Canada.

what is the logic behind not receiving rent ???

This morning on Saturday May 21, 2016 my rent receiver came downstairs, knocked on my door and said she will not receive rent by cheque anymore starting from next month, rather receive reduced amount of rent in cash and not give any receipt. My lawyer advised me that is illegal.  

When I mentioned about the legality of this matter. She said I am giving hard time.

What ???

How can rent paying be considered as giving hard time. I can understand not paying rent may be considered giving hard time (depending one’s situation) but paying rent is normal based on the arrangement made at the beginning. ?????

She offered me to live in the room as guest with out paying rent ??? what is the logic behind it. 

I wish someone or she herself explain to me and talk to me more about it

So what is on her mind.