Attention grabbing phrase:

  • This morning on July 29 of 2018 when I went out for a walk I read a attention grabbing phrase at a church across the street from the building 2-671 Fennell Ave. East, that “You can live a lie but you can not out run the truth.”

Catches my attention –

Recently i.e. in 2021, I noticed that the phrase has been removed. I have liked ot and I still have a record of it.

Khalid Mahmood ( (KM)

2-671 Fennell Ave. East (Door 2 with curtain on the Upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3

Mail theft (Canada Post) must be prevented.

This morning on Friday July 20 of 2018 I observed a Canada Post mail van giving mail/package to a new person around my building (Postal code L8V 1V3). This is unsafe and could result in mail theft as has happened in the past when I reported to relevant authorities in Niagara Region where I used to live before I moved to Hamilton. I have been victim of mail theft in the past. Canada Post should adopt safe practices for mail delivery to authentic and verified residents.

Khalid Mahmood

Ontario DL#:M01684340561220

pH: 2899906590


Good and bad evaluation/determination without a context is meaningless and hollow, when I ask people their defination of good and bad in a conversation they become speechless. My definition is that it is about vested interests, if something or someone serves some ones vested interests is consider good otherwise not.

Khalid Mahmood


I hope that Hamilton will not repeat the same treatment that was given to me in Niagara Region in 2015 that the building where I lived was suddenly closed by the city hall with out giving me an alternate accommodation and because of Impostors activity unreal notices were issued in my name which caused me serious difficulties and about three months in public shelters before I found another rental place for me.

I am concerned because of signs of similar situation here in Hamilton where I am a tenant since May 01 2017. So Please dont close this building for maintenance reasons with out arranging an alternate acommodation for those who live here on regular basis (it is not a problem for visitors or those who have second property but it is a problem for me).

So those who are responsible please fix the building without closing it or witout evicting people

at short notice, consider this on humanitatian grounds. Govt. Should make an effort to reduce and control such events which make people homeless.

Khalid Mahmood

Monthly tenant at Star Heights Plaza,

671 Fennell Ave. E UN 2

Hamilton ON L8V 1V3