Attacked and Robbed during bright day Light updated April 03 of 2021

Niagara Falls Police Report #: 17-13175:

This happened right after I got off the Bus 106 at ailanthus Ave. Stop on McLeod Rd. just before bus turns right on ailanthus travelling towards Dunn St.

I got off from the from door, attacker came from behind and grabbed me from behind pushed me and thew me on the ground, claimed to be Police Officer, after pushing me on the ground attempted to rip off my jacket and this resulted a lost button, snatched my brief case and walked away with it towards his plastic bags which appeared to be grocery bags. At this time I decided to call 911, he turned around and when he saw phone in my hand attacked me again and snatched the phone from me and disappeared in the houses east side of the road where it happened. After this I had to find another way to contact the Police so walked quickly along ailanthus ave. towards Dunn Street to get help from the security desk of maid of the mist camps (Niagara College). Building security took report, police dispatch came to take the report after that Police officers drove me to the Police HQ for an interview about the incident with a detective in front of a camera.

After Police formalities went to Peer Street Office to talk to my Case Manager.

That’s how this day turned out to be exciting.

Khalid Mahmood,

Ontario DL#: M0168-43405-61220


now I live in Hamilton for the past 4 years since 2017 May at 2-671 Fennell Ave. East (Door #2 on the Upper Floor) , Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada.

ROOM Environments & Pollution

environments in room- I have no hesitation in comparing the environments in my room with the environments of the planet earth. They way one polluter can affect the environments of others if not regulated. This is the first time experience in my life to have another person in my room (exceptions: child hood living and living with wife) and that person is polluting the environments (and not concerned/not aware of it) this affects me as well because I am in the same environments and I have no authority to enforce internal environmental laws (environments specific to my room/my space). When I am by myself in my room then I have full control of the situation and have the ability to maintain the environments to my liking.




Night Light issue

information for those who are in a room with some one else and at night time one wants night light and the other person does not want night light then one of the easiest solutions (instead of erecting a wall/partition) is that the one who does not want the night/reading light should use curtains around the bed to block the night/reading light, and respect others freedom of choice.