I wonder Why ???

Why a police officer would think that a Pedestrian is drunk. Here is the reason why I pose this question.
On February 26 around 19h30 as I came out of the Staples Store across from the Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton Ontario, a Police Car stopped near me and the office driving the vehcile asked me if I have seen any man wearing a Leather Jacket, I replied “NO”, then he asked if I was drunk I replied “I AM NOT” then he said into his equipment in the car “he is lying” and drive off. I crossed the road after the police car, when I turned around I saw another Police car after the first one.
So I wonder why the Police officer would think that I was drunk and ask the question (I was not in a vehicle).
Hamilton Ontario Canada

Is this acceptable or normal –

Attention: Legal community of Ontario Canada:
Please provide your thoughts on the following issue as a generic opinion if not as legal advice:
I am a non-criminal Citizen and live in Hamilton as a tenant and pay my rent regularly by Cheque and now I pay my rent at the source meaning it is deducted from my monthly Cheque of OW.
On February 02, 2018 I was harassed/threatened by someone who receives rent that I can be deported for rent related matters.
Is this normal or acceptable.


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