ATTN : MICROSOFT COMMERCIAL BILLING : An Important message from a month to month subscriber of Microsoft 365 Subscription – domain name




During the process of cancellation of my month to month subscription I got to the following screen (shown below as a screenshot).

1) What I find very disturbing is to see a Microsoft phone number filled in it. It should be subscriber’s phone number not the Microsoft’s number.

2) This form should come up with email field blank to be completed by the subscription holder/owner because when the subscription is being cancelled it is quite obvious that the email address should be different for future correspondence.

Someone should talk to me about it , if my understanding is flawed about it.

I wonder if these cloud based services are reliable at all, Such hidden problems can become problematic at some point in time during the life cycle of the subscription.

Lukasz (Microsoft. request #22446385) stated during a conversation this after noon on 10/20/2020 that cancellation was not completed due to a missed ok, which is very unlikely I was keeping screenshot as I was going through the cancellation process on October 19 of 2020. But since my subscription is paid untill the end of the current month it does not really matter for me. Cancellation is not due to non-payment or commercial matter it is due a technical matter which seems to be related to a security flaw in the system. I gave them an option that if they fix it during this time (i.e . 10 days before next invoices) I might consider to continue with the subscription, otherwise I will move my business else where. He said something strange when he was locating and verifying my subscription which prompted me to ask him if there were more than one accounts by the same domain, he said he could not answer that question. I wonder what does it mean, how can there be more than one subscriptions associated with my domain. No one was granted any authorization to use my domain, it would be illegal if microsoft sells another subscription to unauthorised / unrelated company with my domain name

so be careful please.


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