Attention – freedom mobile billing – why double billing to my account ?

The text messages below from freedom mobile are self explaining.

On Wednessday November 13 bill was auto paid and on November 14 it is attempting to take money again from my account why ???

(In the above text message, today is November 14 of 2019 and yesterday is November 13 of 2019 whereas the message on the top was received on November 12 of 2019)

This double billing did not happen a month ago. Why now ? Please look into this.

What is the real reason behind it. ???? Is someone else whose payment was declined is using my phone # for communication purpose (like Netflix did earlier to me and sent a text message to me for declined payment).

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One thought on “Attention – freedom mobile billing – why double billing to my account ?

  1. Commenting on my own information on November 14 of 2019 –
    Is it a billing software bug or freedom mobile is billing by given name and than by family name, it should be by account number or phone number. I wonder what is the reason behind this error. Very strange.

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