Memories from recent past – 14 years since I appeared before the family court in Doylestown Bucks County Pennsylvania in August 2005 –

Attended a hearing without a lawyer at Bucks County Court House in April 2005 (drove my car myself FSY 1005), few months after that I got arrested (before any closure of the above hearing) in Fairless Hills Pennsylvania (non- criminal) from my maroon color Ford Taurus in July 2005 and was imprisoned at York County prison. Prison staff drove me from York County prison to Bucks County Prison to go to the county family court to receive court notices in August 2005.

(One such document is shown below)

Atfer that remained in York County prison untill I was transported to Ontario Canada via the Peace bridge border by the US authorities and released to the Canadian authorities in January 2006 (01/19/2006). Travelled to Ottawa from border by Greyhound bus service via Toronto by myself.

Later on file was closed when I pursued the matter from Ottawa by correspondence, and updated the authorities with my situation and location, correspondence was sent by the family court to my Ottawa address.

So I have been living in Canada away from my legally married wife and three legal children since that arrest (which was my first arrest of the series of three arrests so far who knows how many more to cover up on others crimes). Awsome (or awful) experience. So if my wife and /or children suddenly show up and seen around/with me will not mean lived with me, that will be just another deception/illusion like many other deceptions/illusions/misinformation/disinformation etc. in my real life’s movie like drama.

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