I wonder why !

Again this is based on my personal experiences that a pharmacy nearby keeps my records under a wrong postal code. Health records / patient information, medications are serious matters. Pharmacies have access to all the necessary resouces and information so how can they get wrong postal code in the system, they even check the ID.

I made an effort to correct the information at this location, next time around again it was found wrong. Wrong postal code (in one pharmacy located at a famous street of Hamilton Postal Code was found blank) means wrong address or non-existing address or unresolvable address. For health and medicine related matters this is a seious fraud and pharmacy retail outlets must avoid such practices. It should be pharmacy to spot such errors and have correct patient information in the system rather than patients pointing out such delibrate errors and avoid keeping multiple records on the same patient, all the patient records are linked to the OHIP card. Most of the eligible patients have health card and other necessary IDs.

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