(presumably) VANDALISM IN HAMILTON at 671 Fennell Ave. East, Hamilton ON L8V1V3 on May 10 of 2019

TO WHOM IT NAY CONCERN:This morning when I went outside the building I saw something un- believe able, broken glass of the entrance door, perhaps to hide the address on the door or to let people in the building without the need of a key authorisation. I wonder why ??Entrance door between the Sushi Restaurant 669 and the Empowering Support Services 675. at Fennell Ave. East.




(below) with number 671 as of May 22 of 2019

I am glad no broken glass on the floor inside or on the side walk outside.

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Tenant Unit2

671 Fennell Ave. East

Hamilton ON L8V1V3



plus code 87M265J2+76

One thought on “(presumably) VANDALISM IN HAMILTON at 671 Fennell Ave. East, Hamilton ON L8V1V3 on May 10 of 2019

  1. I am writing a comment on my own published information/material. I saw around 12h30 when I checked my mail box, two men i a van came and fixed glass of the entrance/exit door.
    Now door is fixed but with out a number 671 on it, so they left incomplete work.
    However by now everybody knows that 671 is located between Sushi restaurant 669 and Empowering Support Services 675 at Fennell Ave. East.
    I am sure some one will fix the number issue as well. I hope they write the correct address on it. I have a feeling and experience of living here for the past two years that people have been making an effort of associating wrong address with the building and upper floor. Canada post listing on the web clearly shows that upper floor is 671 with 12 units numbered 1 to 12 as there are 12 letter boxes on the side wall of the building, one letter box for each unit of the upper floor of 671.


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