A tall rough man in the building who does not want to tell me his name asked me a question ??

To whom it may concern:

Earlier today as I was stepping out for my health walk , a tall rough man came out of the room right across from me at the other end, pushed some stuff that was in his way into the kitchen in a very rough manner and asked me why I don’t CLEAN. I was amused by the question, I do every thing by myself including cleaning that I am responsible for.

I replied I am independent (tenant) meaning I am not part of their operation or group and proceeded towards the stairs. At the door to the stairs he got out first and wished me merry Christmas.

He is relatively new in the building, did not tell me his name when I asked him few months ago,.

Instead of interfering with me he should consider to talk to my rent receivers of STAR HEIGHTS PLAZA, if he has a valid point of objection.



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