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Over the years I observed that some of the retail businesses in Ontario switch the interac (debit card) payment receipts and keep the card holder (customer) copy for themself and give the merchant copy to customers. It dawned to me there is  an element of fraud in this practice of switching of receipts. Authorities should take a note of it audit such businesses. Customers should be more vigilant about it and question the retailers on the spot for wrong receipts.

Another simple solution is to upgrade the POS interac/debit card machines with newer version which should print only one copy without showing on it customer ( card holder) or merchant which should be given to the customer. Merchant receipts should remain in the machine which can be printed at the close of the business/shift. Since only one receipt will be printed there will be no mistake and no brainer required to decide which copy to keep and which copy to give. Something to look into for auditors/authorities.



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